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Network VAPT

Network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is an offensive assessment to
identify security vulnerability in organizational network. The primary objective of a
network VAPT is to identify exploitable security loopholes in systems and network
devices so that security vulnerabilities can be fixed before adversaries identify and
exploit them. This assessment will focus to deliver complete security assessment and
penetration testing of your network through our unique offering of Attacker Simulated

Our Approach:

  • Reconnaissance: Identification of publicly available information about corporate network. Several Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods such as google search, shodan search are utilized to get the target system data and other critical and important information.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Performing automated vulnerability scanning to detect potential vulnerabilities.
  • Exploitation: Perform manual exploitations to identify security vulnerabilities which can be exploited by the attackers to take control over the corporate network.
  • Risk Determination: Assessment of identified vulnerabilities to determine the likelihood and impact on the organization.
  • Reporting: An in-depth report including both technical details and executive summary providing you with all the details of identified vulnerabilities, impact, Proof of Concepts, exploitation techniques, demos and fix recommendations.

Requirements: Access to external network
Platforms: External Network.
Limitations: IPs must be whitelisted,
Tools: Nessus, Opensource scanners

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