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Point of Sale Systems - Dotlinx Technologies

Our DOTLINX POS system is a best choice for your business, Retailers, Whole Sellers, Hospitality & Salons. Our user friendly Interface is one of the most notable difference between our software and the competitors.
Our POS comes with Easy VAT management plugin, Back office Accounting, Inventory Management, Employee Management, Customer Management Powerful Business Analytics.

Our DOTLINX POS access control is customizable for your business requirements. Owner can provide access to Cashier, Sales and back office staff as per business needs, and keep the full control.

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User Friendly Applications

Our DOTLINX easy to use POS system works with almost all POS hardware.
Our POS systems comes in 2 flavors..

One Time Cost

Stand-alone version with one-time cost ,cloud storage services offer a convenient way of cost-saving. Scalability: The scalability aspect of cloud storage is also one of the key pros.

Monthly Subscription

Our Dotlinx is Provide Cloud version with monthly subscription. A subscription is an agreement you make in advance to receive something for a specific period of time.


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